OMSCS — Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence

Still have not been to Atlanta.


The entire syllabus can be viewed here. While other classes can sometimes suffer from poor communication and unclear requirements, David Joyner’s courses are always exceptionally well-run.

Practical Tips

For the projects:

  • Implement the visual approach starting from Project 1. It will take a bit more up front learning, but you will ultimately save a lot of time.
  • You can get full credit with some pretty dumb algorithms. I only needed minimal adjustments from my Project 1 submission to solve the problems for Project 2 and Project 3.
  • Remember a TA is probably spending five minutes looking through your paper and following a rubric. To get full credit, it is much more important to make sure you address every question than it is for you to write something insightful. Every section of the homework will have many questions. I recommend taking every question, make it a bolded header in your paper, and be sure to write at least a couple lines addressing that question. It will help you ensure you’ve hit every talking point, and it helps your TA follow along her rubric.
  • Even if you struggle with the exams, they are worth so little of your grade that you can fail them and still get an A in the course. They are open book and open internet and it can be argued that you don’t even need to study for them.

I sometimes do tech things.