The Coke Museum in Atlanta seems cool

Grading hundreds exams and homework assignments gives you a good sense of the common pitfalls. Here’s some additional insight from a TA (also, see some I wrote after taking the class as a student)

1. Proofread

You would be amazed at how many students submit homework assignments with spelling errors in…

Remember when Atlanta should have won the super bowl?


Video Game Design is the least ‘academic’ class I have taken. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but adjust your expectations accordingly. It is much more akin to a crash course bootcamp in Unity than a master’s course in computer science. …

Fun fact: Many GaTech students end up working for The Home Depot since the headquarters is in Atlanta.


(Or more specifically, how much time does this class really take?)

There are two major camps in this GA debate. The loudest and most prevalent viewpoint is that this class is intense; you’ll be spending hours on end doing practice problems in order to prepare for the unforgiving exams. The…

Atlanta has (had?) the busiest airport in the US. Never been though.


This class is extremely polarizing among students. Undoubtedly, it has a unique grading structure that can be very frustrating for those expecting traditional breakdowns for what scores constitute an A versus a B. While explicit grading rubrics are not shared for the papers you write, Professor Isbell is very open…

A lot of the Avengers movies are filmed in Atlanta.


Per the OMSCS Central reviews, I was excited by this class’ high rating and low time commitment. Unfortunately I was eventually underwhelmed. It felt like some of my high school math classes where you spend most of your time memorizing equations and pushing numbers around rather than deeply understanding any…

Quarantine means I can’t travel to Atlanta even if I needed to


This class is a fantastic, mile-high view of the field. The assignments are probably the most well-crafted of all the classes that I have taken in OMSCS. They more than make up for the lackluster lectures and horrendous exam experience.

My Approach

My approach to this class was a bit out of…

It’s probably too hot in Atlanta for me to visit anyway


I disagree with most of the formal prerequisites for this course. I think it’s perfect for anyone who has never taken a computer organization course before and the amount of assembly and C++ knowledge that you need is minimal.

While lecture material was fantastic, the logistics and organization of the…

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